Study abroad benefits for Ghana students
Study abroad benefits for Ghana students
Study abroad benefits for Ghana students
Study abroad benefits for Ghana students

Achilinks Study Abroad Programmes offer the total study abroad experience!

What does the prospective student stand to gain?

There are so many varied benefits and gains that may accrue to a prospective student desiring to study abroad. Some of these benefits include but are not limited to the following:

  • By living in a foreign country, you will constantly challenge yourself in many new and exciting ways and you are able to learn more about yourself and become self-reliant because of the unique space you have in pursuit of your ambition;
  • Studying abroad will expose you to diverse people and viewpoints, and you will get to experience a different ways of life apart from the ones you are exposed to in Ghana;
  • Gain skills in cross-cultural communication and problem solving. You will be immersed in the language, culture, and people of your host country and will get to experience life as a resident, not as a mere tourist;
  • Today’s competitive job market requires applicants to distinguish themselves, and international education experience is the perfect way to do so. Having international education experience is an incredible resume booster, as it shows prospective employers you are motivated, independent, and generally more qualified;
  • Regardless of the academic path you choose, you will be enriched by the time spent in another country. Achieving cultural literacy and gaining substantive understanding of other perspectives in the world will deepen your awareness of yourself, your educational goals, and your own society;
  • Dispel your own stereotypes and fight stereotypes by educating others. You are able to change perceptions you hold about other cultures and also have the chance to educate students from other countries about your culture;
  • Take control of your future. Become a ‘global citizen’. Join an outstanding community of world citizens by studying in institutions comprising students from all over the world. It leads to long lasting friendship and forming of alliances for future endeavours;
  • Become a future global leader who is more effective, respectful of other cultures and political and economic systems, and willing to take a stand for the world’s welfare, not just what benefits your country;
  • Improve your financial potential. You become highly competitive locally and internationally on the job market by acquiring the benefit of foreign education.
  • Our prospective students are assured of a tuition fee as low as 1500euro per each academic year to study any course in Lithuania, Estonia, Cyprus etc.
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