Study in Bulgaria for Ghana students
Study in Bulgaria for Ghana students
Study in Bulgaria for Ghana students
Study in Bulgaria for Ghana students

Bulgaria, excellent quality of education and life

Study in Bulgaria is to study in European Union, taking advantage of excellent quality of education and life. Increasing mobility and links between Bulgarian higher education systems and universities within Bulgaria, European Union countries and beyond, amazing available diversity both inside and outside universities in Bulgaria and in all Europe lead to building carrier on good basis.

  • Bulgarian universities and science

    Bulgarian universities are well known in many scientific domains such as medicine, mathematics, technical (computer sciences, engineering), chemistry, biology, linguistics etc.

    Some Bulgarian Universities offer English, French or German programs and deliver double degree (Bulgarian and degree from the partner universities). So, it is very common to get American, French, British, German and so on degree from Bulgarian universities.

  • High education level

    In Bulgaria universities, the level of education is very high while entrance requirements are slightly less stringent. Students choosing to complete their medical degree studying in Bulgaria, are free to do internship years and work throughout the EU, and many other countries as well.

  • International students in Bulgaria

    International students are attracted by good high education level, degree recognized in all over the world, large game of study opportunity (English, French, Germany and Bulgarian program, a lot of fields of studies, credit transfer, etc. ) very reasonable tuition fees and living costs, safe and friendly living environment etc.

    Most of international students studying in Bulgaria are from UK, Germany, Greece, Italy, Israel, Turkey, Indian, Ghana, Nigeria, but not only.

  • The right choice

    Choosing to study in Bulgaria may be the right way leading to your career!

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