Student application in Cyprus for Ghana students
Student application in Cyprus for Ghana students
Student application in Cyprus for Ghana students
Student application in Cyprus for Ghana students

How to apply to Cyprus International University

There are two simple ways for applying to CIU academic programs. You can either apply online or apply via the local representative(s) in your country. You can easily get information about the local CIU representative in your country by inquiring to

Applying online is the fastest and easiest way to apply CIU programs. Once you start filling the online form, you will be providing all the information that CIU admissions staff needs to evaluate your application. Make sure you have all academic documents scanned and ready to upload to our online system since you will be attaching your documents within the last page of the application form.

Once you complete your application, you will get a notification e-mail stating that your application has been received. If you have provided all the correct information and you have uploaded all the required documents, your application will be evaluated within 2 working days.

If there is an academic document missing or you failed to fill in all the required information, CIU Admission Officers will contact you via e-mail and ask for these missing information/documents.

Online application to Cyprus International University

Please follow the instructions stated below in order to complete the online form correctly.

  • To apply for a course you will need to complete and submit their online application form. Follow the link here to begin your application process.
  • Make sure you fill the application form as correct and as complete as possible. There are fields on the application form that are compulsory to fill in; otherwise the system does not let you proceed to the next page of the application. You need to use the BACK button at the bottom of each page of the application form to go to previous pages of the form (do not use the back button on your browser since that will result in the loss of all the information you have typed in).
  • In the first 3 pages of the application form, you will fill the student details, select the course of interest and select the accommodation type. In the last page of the application form, you will be uploading your scanned academic documents. Make sure that you send all the required documents so that there will be no delays in the evaluation process of your application.
  • Once the application form is filled, you can then submit it. You will immediately get an e-mail noting that your application has been received. Once you submit the application form, the browsed documents that appear on the empty fields will be uploaded automatically.
  • After we process the application, if you have the right academic qualifications, you will be getting a Conditional Acceptance Letter (CAL) via e-mail, which notes that you are accepted to CIU on the condition that you pay the minimum required fee to the university.
  • Once we receive your initial payment, you will get your Unconditional Acceptance Letter (UAL) via e-mail.
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