Accommodation in Cyprus for Ghana students
Accommodation in Cyprus for Ghana students
Living cost in Cyprus for Ghana students
Living cost in Cyprus for Ghana students

Living cost and accommodation for students in Cyprus

  • Staying on campus

    The benefits of staying on campus goes beyond easy access to lecture halls that are only minutes walk away; residence halls provide the perfect opportunity to meet friends from over sixty different cultures all around the world, easy access to many restaurants across the campus, some of which are open till early hours of the morning, and one of a kind indoor and outdoor sport facilities.

    Residents can also conveniently participate in the activities of one or more of the many student clubs, have easy access to the library facilities of just have fun at the student center where they can shoot pool with friends or watch their favorite films at the pocket movie theater.

  • Transportation

    Travel will also be one less thing to worry about with regular shuttle service is available throughout the day, seven days a week, between the campus and capital city Nicosia and also between campus and Kyrenia during weekends.

  • Accommodation

    In Cyprus International University, the accommodation types are categorized under ‘Dormitory Type Studio Rooms’ (no cooking facilities and the students must also take the mean-plan) and ‘Apartment Type Rooms’ (with cooking facilities).

    The Dormitory rooms are categorized into the Single, Double and Quadruple room types. The Single room dormitory types have a shared bathroom, with a central heating system, and a fridge. Students have the choice of choosing either a shared or an en-suite bathroom type within the Double room type dormitories. The Double room type dormitory also has a central heating system, and a fridge. The Quadruple room type dormitories as-well has a central heating system, and a fridge. These also have an en-suite bathroom.

    All the Apartment type rooms have a family-sized fridge, a furnished living room, a kitchen, an oven and a cooker, an en-suite bathroom, balconies, and study tables. The Apartment type rooms are classified into three types, namely; the 3-bedroom Single room type, the 2-Bedroom Double room type and the 3-Bedroom Double room type respectively.

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