Recruiting for organizations involves identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting, hiring, and onboarding employees who are a good fit for the organization . There are various strategies for recruiting at Achilinks, including actively seeking out candidates through job postings, social media, networking, and employee referrals.

We serve as headhunters with a goal of finding individuals who have the necessary skills, experience, and qualifications to perform the duties as align with an organization’s values and culture.

Achilinks provides a clear-cut and pro-active avenue of locating and managing human resources to successfully build a strong and diverse workforce, increase employee retention, and drive business success.

Recruitment consultancy in Ghana
Recruitment consultancy in Ghana

Achilinks holds a decade of experience in this highly competitive field, an advantage to our resource navigation needs. We provide quality and value by structuring high impact teams which consist of professionals with exceptional abilities that not only fit your business needs, but are mindful of the social and cultural environment of Europe, Canada, Africa and the Middle East.

Our trust-based relationship with you, and thorough attitude to work as we connect you with best fits and engage with you hand-in-hand to implement your requirements; whether brainstorming new ideas, assisting with the set-up of new operations, undertaking restructuring or activating expansion plans makes your efficiency outstanding.

Recruitment consultancy in Ghana
Recruitment consultancy in Ghana

We have a well-resourced facility to train candidates for the international market in their language preparation and skills acquisition. We provide Dutch and English training for our candidates to bridge the communication barrier.

We invest in new ways to find you a fresh pool of candidates, so you can get the right people on your team as quickly as possible—and without having to pay high fees or wait for them to come through on their own steam.

We use current analytics, the latest in job seeker marketing tactics, and new communication tools to recruit directly to candidates looking to work for a great employer like you. Our program gives us the ability to directly reach Job Seekers that are ready to get to work!

Current Work Opportunities

  • Nurses

    We have available opportunities for Nurses to work in the United Kingdom.

  • Degree Holders

    Achilinks has Opportunities for Degree Holders who wish to work in the United Kingdom. We provides guidance and assistance for interested and qualified personnel.

Our client-friendly process and human capital infrastructure allows us to service the ever-changing client requirements in a proficient and successful manner. With comprehensive experience servicing world-class clientele and top-caliber candidates crosswise a wide spectrum of industries, we measure our success through our growing list of satisfied clients.

Recruitment consultancy in Ghana
Recruitment consultancy in Ghana