Studying in Canada can be a great opportunity for international students. Canada is known for offering high-quality education and research opportunities from elementary to post-secondary studies. Tuition fees in Canada are generally lower than those in Australia, the U.S., and the U.K. Additionally, living costs are similar to those found in other competitive countries.

To study in Canada, you must choose a study program, obtain a Letter of Acceptance from a Canadian educational institution, and obtain a study permit. Once you have a Canadian study permit, you can renew it from within Canada if you decide to continue your studies. Canada is also a diverse country with two official languages: English and French.

There are many degrees and courses that international students can pursue in Canada. Moreover, Canada offers a direct path to permanent citizenship for international students, which is an option that many students find appealing.

Studying in Canada is an opportunity to gain high-quality education, research opportunities, and experience diverse cultures.

Study in Canada for Ghana students
Study in Canada for Ghana students

There are over 90 universities in Canada, of which 17 are private. As is common elsewhere, Canadian universities offer three levels of degree: bachelor’s (usually lasting four years), master’s (requiring an additional year or two) and doctorate (usually an additional three years).

Canada also has around 150 colleges – also known as community colleges, technical colleges, regional colleges or CÉGEPs (in Québec) – which offer short courses and diplomas. In addition, the country has a long history of specialized career colleges, which seek to prepare students for specific vocations.

A total of 26 Canadian universities feature in the QS World University Rankings® 2016-2017, including three within the global top 50. These are McGill University (30th), the University of Toronto (32nd) and the University of British Columbia (45th).

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Study in Canada for Ghana students
Study in Canada for Ghana students