Achilinks Consultancy Limited is an English proficiency accredited institution that trains people in IELTS, OET, CBT, GRE, PTE, SAT, TOEFL and other proficiency exams. We have assisted numerous individuals in and out of Ghana in pursuit of their dreams of studying or working abroad. With us, you are assured of your required band to study or work abroad with the assistance of our experienced tutors and excellent staff. Getting your band 9 or 8.5 in IELTS, your ‘A’ in OET, 1500 mark in SAT, 73 in PTE, pass in CBT is rest assured with our well-resourced teachers and tuition centre.

For you to have a smooth study or work abroad process, it is advisable to write the IELTS especially if you want to migrate to UK, USA, Canada, Finland, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Australia. The IELTS is an English proficiency test meant to assess your English skill level to be considered for an admission into a university abroad and/or for employment abroad.

English Assessment Testing Preparation