Study permit in Canada for Ghana students
Study permit in Canada for Ghana students

Even though we occasionally deal with a number of work visa applications, we typically deal with B-Visas, Student Visas, Fiance Visas, Marriage Visas, and DV Lottery Visas.

Speak to our Immigration Law Specialist for a candid and impartial advice on your Canada Visa application issues and for a determination on the options most suitable to your circumstances.

Our Canada Visa services include:
  • overseeing all aspects of your visa application to ensure that the process runs smoothly;
  • interviewing you to determine your suitability for the visa category applied for;
  • ensuring all information provided by you is accurate and relevant to your application;
  • providing guidance on security and medical clearance processing where applicable;
  • advising on the documentation necessary to prove statements or representations made in the application;
  • completing all relevant application forms, and where time limits are involved, to ensure that they are received within the limited period set by the visa authority;
  • booking online visa interviews or application appointments.

Canada is a diverse and beautiful country with many reasons to visit. Some of the top reasons include its spectacular cities, natural wonders, affordability, outdoor activities, events and festivals, all-season charm, and delicious food and drink. Other unique experiences you can have in Canada include watching grizzly bears up close, going whale watching, seeing the Northern Lights, and exploring over 45 national parks. Speak to Achilinks today.